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Rustic. Folksy. Deep. Jeff Williams is a tried and true, no-frills voiceover artist whose natural baritone is right at home behind the mic. His voice is the ultimate blend of strength and tranquility – perfect for the working man, and a “been there, done that” attitude.


Jeff can be conversational, authoritative, playful, and more, depending on what the project needs. As a Texas native, he can easily switch on the Southern charm upon request. From the brother and the best friend to the sergeant and the boss, there are many character archetypes that can benefit from Jeff’s weathered, magnetic charm.


Like the cowboys of his home state, Jeff has worn many hats through the years. He’s been a touring musician, a sculptor, a painter, a college football player, an author, a podcast host, an accomplished chiropractor, and of course, a voice actor. All this to say that Jeff is an experienced, trustworthy, insightful professional who works hard to deliver his best work in every endeavor.


Jeff’s past clients include household brands like Pepsi/Mountain Dew, Colgate, and Palmolive, nonprofits like the World Wildlife Foundation, video games like God of Rock and Maximum Football, among many others. He’s been described as “absolutely incredible to work with,” with perfect speech, pacing, and pauses.


Living in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife Meg, Jeff works from his professional-grade home studio equipped with industry-best technology and Source Connect Standard. Trust Jeff Williams, Gritty Calm VO, to expertly produce your message today – he always provides the choice cuts.

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Service Description

You will get studio-quality audio:

  • Sennheiser 416 microphone,
  • UA Apollo Arrow audio interface,
  • Twisted Wave DAW, and
  • Manley VOX audio processing.

You will get clean, edited audio:

  •  Default is 44100 24-bit mono WAV files at -3db.


Live Directed Sessions:

  • SourceConnect Standard,
  • Zoom,
  • Skype,
  • Facetime,
  • Google Hangouts,

I am happy to provide edits with any job booked. In addition, I am a singer, songwriter, and musician as well as a voice over talent and am open to lending my talents to clients in those areas upon request.

Voice Over Stylings

  • Deep
  • Baritone
  • Southern, Deep South, or Southwest
  • Texan
  • Casual
  • Believable
  • Trustworthy
  • Authoritative
  • Conversational
  • Playful
  • Personality


  • Trained with J. Michael Collins
  • Mary Lynn Wissner (Commercial Reads)
  • Jeff Howell (Promo Reads)
  • Cliff Zellman (Automotive Reads)
  • Andy Field (Hand Unit for Five Nights At Freddie’s, Nike, Walmart, Virgin Mobile, Homewood Suites, New York Life, and more)
  • Trained and ‘tuned in’ by Tim Tippets to provide premium production quality.
  • Trained with Marc Cashman on commercial voice over, etc.
  • Trained with Kelly McGee
  • Commercial demo produced by Chris McCann
  • Political demo produced by JMC Demos
  • Character/Video Game demo produced by Chris McCann

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Voice Over Actor / Voice Over Talent Profile


Studio is equipped with Source Connect Standard


I have traveled extensively from coast to coast and top to bottom, my wife and I have probably been there and seen it. This experience lends itself well to voice-over work for documentaries, eLearning projects, PSA projects, and anything that is made with the goal of educating others.

Another bonus is that I am actually known as ‘Dr. Williams’.  I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 20 years, have been extremely active in my state and national associations, have mentored and taught other chiropractors for a decade, I am the host of The Chiropractic Forward Podcast and am one of only 2% of chiropractors that earn a Fellowship education. I am Fellowship-trained by the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.

In addition to my chiropractic background, I am a sculptor and have created several bronze sculptures not to mention charcoal portraits and professional sketches. I am a singer/songwriter/guitar player and have traveled all over the Southwest with my band, Copperhead, playing music for 10 years. I retired from the road in 2008. I can be seen locally in my hometown of Amarillo, TX playing with fellow retired ‘road dogs’ in The Flying Elbows band. I am also an avid portrait and cityscape artist and furniture builder.

As you can see, I’ve never been one to sit idle. Not when so many things are just waiting to be done and explored!!

You could say that ‘creating’ is in my blood and the voice over industry has become my primary way to have an artistic and creative outlet while bringing others’ projects to life!

Below are some links to my other interests and projects if interested:

3501 SW 45th St., Ste. T, Amarillo, Texas, United States

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